Hey there!  I’m Honey (yes, that’s really my name) and am the face behind Blessings and Boogers.  I’m a Jesus-follower, Kevin’s wife of over 12 years, and mama to six kiddos ages 8 and under.  I’m blessed with the opportunity to stay at home with my kids, four of which I currently homeschool.  Identical twin toddler girls keep us all on our toes, and there’s never a dull moment in our home.  We try to follow a Paleo lifestyle, as much as our budget allows for feeding a big family.  I’m also a big fan of saving money and time, so you’ll find plenty of that here.  Oh, and we have chickens… lots of crazy chickens.  I hope that I can be an encouragement to other families out there through sharing some of our real life moments, both the good and the crazy in our lives.  Would love to have you follow me on Facebook!