The sunshine and warm weather reminds me that summer is coming soon.  Adventure awaits.  Outdoor fun, trips to the farmer’s market, family vacation, and more is just ahead.  But we’re not there just yet.  These are the days that tend to drag on and on.  The days that we all get a little extra grumpy and impatient.  The days that can sometimes be exhausting and overwhelming trying to get “caught up,” if that’s actually even a real thing. 

These are the days that we’re finishing up our schoolwork, but we’re not quite there yet.  I’m overwhelmed thinking about all of the school things we still “need to get done,” often forgetting to remember all that we’ve accomplished.  So today, I chose to sit down and focus on how far my kids have come this year.  

They have become such great readers and are rarely without a book in hand, even reading their Bibles together occasionally, which makes me so incredibly proud.

They’ve each learned new skills and conquered new educational milestones.  My oldest is especially proud of her new found knowledge of both cursive and multiplication this year.

They’ve become much more brave than they were a year ago.

They’ve worked hard, even together at times.

And of course had quite a bit of fun along the way.

All while becoming even closer friends.

Yes, there are most definitely days that I feel like we haven’t done what I had planned for us to get done that day in school, days where they all seem to be arguing nonstop, days that I’m not sure any of them were listening to a word I said.  But they are growing.  They are learning.  Some of those moments are small steps and some are giant leaps.  So I’m trying to remind myself to focus on the big picture, focus on all of the amazing things in each of their lives, and try not to be a glass-half-empty kind of mom in the seasons of life that it can be challenging.  I’m so proud of my kiddos!